Veteran’s Day Discounts and Freebies 2016

Veteran’s Day

The day we honor all those who have served and are currently serving our country. There are approximately 2.3 million people currently serving and a total of about 22 million veterans, according to ABC News. Less than 1% of our overall population has taken the oath to serve their country.

And every year, companies, businesses and groups on the local and national level provide freebies and discounts for veterans, retirees and current military personnel and their families!

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Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year.

On one hand, this time can be a trigger for my husband. But on the other, I am able to lure him out of the house with sales and discounts at different restaurants and stores. Although, I must admit that we don’t necessarily go to restaurants, because they tend to be too crowded for him.

But we do go to local businesses and retailers that don’t have too many people walking around in the first place.

Note: Make sure you have a valid form of military I.D. with you! You can check the companies’ websites or call ahead to confirm what I.D. they will accept!

So, here is a list of discounts, sales and freebies for Veteran’s Day 2016
  • Goodwill
    • This is a little iffy. Every Goodwill seems to be different. Our local store doesn’t do discounts, but said that they will on Veteran’s Day. The store I used to go to down south, did military discounts every day. So, your best bet would be to call ahead and see if your store discounts.
  • Great Clips
  • National Parks
    • FREE admission to National Parks. Make sure to also check your local State Park!
  • Payless Shoe Store
    • Our local store gives 10% off entire purchase every day. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Publix
  • TGI Fridays
  • Tractor Supply
    • 15% Discount on total purchase for veterans, active members and dependents
  • Udemy
    • This weekend sign up for courses at one of the most well-known online training platforms! Use Coupon Code: NOVUDEMY15 to sign up for courses for only $15! Ends Monday, November 14th!
  • Walgreens
    • FREE Flu shot for VHA enrolled veterans. Although, not specific for Veteran’s Day it should still be noted that Walgreen partnered with the VA to provide this service. From personal experience, it sucks having to drive 45 minutes for flu shot just to find out they ran out of flu shots!
  • Wienerschnitzel
  • Wilco Farm Store
  • ZOO
    • FREE or discounted Zoo admissions. The Oregon Zoo gives FREE admission to active military, veterans, accompanying family members AND family members of deployed service members. Plus, 10% discount in the store and 25% discount at food outlets!

I hope you can enjoy this day together. It’s not always an easy task to get your veteran to leave home and go out into the community. Let alone take them shopping! However, I have tried to include some other options for this Veterans Day.

I truly hope that you may find something interesting to do and save a little money in the process.

What are you planning to do this Veterans Day?

Disclaimer: Everything I share is solely based on my personal experience and is for informational purposes only. This page contains affiliate links. For more information, please view my disclosure policy.

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