Why Tonight’s Dinner made me Smile


Making dinner at our house can be extremely taxing at times. I mean, between my husband’s picky eating habits he self-reportedly developed from eating MREs and “other s*%#” (excuse my french) while deployed and our son’s unwillingness to try ANYTHING that remotely showcases ANY type of sauce or gravy, I definitely have my work cut out for me! So, over the last couple of years I’ve come up with a few recipes I can utilize in different ways.

One of those recipes is Chicken Nuggets.

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My husband doesn’t like too much processed food, unless I put a plate of Shells and Cheese (Velveeta) in front of him. THAT and a plate of 5 pounds worth of bacon is like the Glory Hole of American-ness for this man! I mean, it’s Bacon, can you blame him though?

So I actually enjoy cooking and really enjoy to look for recipes and tweak them to my (and my two men’s) liking. I find it fun. Plus, it has given me the added satisfaction of being able to cook dinner for about $1.5-3 per plate in comparison to $10-$15 per plate going out to dinner or $6-8 per plate for using precooked, processed or frozen meals (UNLESS I get a good deal with a Coupon, of course)! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I really enjoy cooking, but a lot of times I put all this work into figuring out what to make for dinner and standing in the kitchen cooking it, just to find out that our son is yet again refusing to eat dinner; because he’s spotted a piece of Parsley or Onion! A single piece of Parsley can ruin the entire meal for this child and don’t get me started on sauces or gravy; but he will sit there and eat a whole head of fresh Broccoli, an entire bowl full of fresh Spinach or two English Cucumbers by himself! Really?

Tonight, though, was different. Elijah was visibly excited to see these homemade chicken nuggets and repeatedly told me how excited he was that I made them. This alone was enough to excite my Momma-heart! Normally he would sit down and tell us which items I cooked he will NOT eat for dinner, because he doesn’t like them.

Last night, though, he ate!

He ate the Watermelon!

He ate the Chicken Nuggets!

I mean, he ATE his Chicken Nuggets and just kept eating!

I haven’t seen him eat this well at dinner time in MONTHS! We used to beg for him to eat his dinner and had many arguments and meltdowns, because he didn’t want to try the food but no less than an hour later he would cry and scream that he’s hungry. I go the extra mile to make meals I hope he will try and I make sure that he has at least two foods I know he will eat. But tonight I felt a sense of relief watching him eat his food. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to go to bed without thinking and wondering whether Elijah has had enough to eat and whether he has received all the nutrients his body needs. It’s not that he doesn’t eat, he literally eats all day and he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables; but I often feel as though his meals aren’t diverse enough. He tends to stick to certain foods and will often refuse to try new things; but generally he eats.

While he is healthy and doing well, I still worry on a daily basis that his nutrition isn’t diverse enough. However, tonight’s dinner was different.


It was a success! It made me smile!

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