Today, I resisted Temptation!


Today, I resisted Temptation; and I am extremely proud of myself for that!

NO, I did not meet Chris Hemsworth at the same Grocery store I happen to have been shopping today, dressed in Suit and Tie, speaking sweet ‘whatever-he-says-sounds-so-nice-with-that-accent’ to me as he helped me get 2 loafs of bread from behind a cart filled with more bread; all because I wanted the clearance bread to stick in my freezer! NOPE, that didn’t happen! Which is totally cool, though I guess. I’ll live.

I have, arguably, resisted temptation that is on a much higher platform than Chris Hemsworth in all his godly-ness! (Yes, I am a total Thor Nerd…as a matter of fact, I am a Marvel AND D.C. Nerd; but that’s besides the point here!) What could be of greater temptation than Thor himself, you ask?

Instant Gratification!

As you probably already know, my husband and I have made the commitment to start our journey to becoming Debt-Free! This, of course means that we are trying to be good stewards and make sure we stay on track; which hasn’t been the easiest with us trying to fix our backyard. Backstory: When we bought our house last year, the backyard was nothing but a giant piece…of a blank canvas. 🙂 So, we decided to save some money and fix it ourselves. Well once we started, we decided to add one project after another and now we have this grand plan for our backyard; which should come out looking absolutely gorgeous by the way. With that being said, we also realized that we would have to spend extra money that we don’t necessarily have- money that should be going towards our debt or savings. Either way, we need to get it done and we will!

One good thing about this process is that we have chosen to pay all cash for it, instead of going more into debt by taken out loans or getting new credit cards. Aside from that, I have also tried to be a lot more conscientious about what I spend, how I spend it and why I spend it! Of course that also means that everything I buy, I have to be able to justify! Not just justify as an absolute want, but as an absolute NEED! Plus, we look at certain things as investments.This may not be the most traditional way of trying to get out of debt, but it is a way we have allowed ourselves to accommodate for certain shortfalls we have encountered over the last few years. Such as having to basically purchase an entire household worth of furniture, because we didn’t have much more than dishes, a desk, clothes, a whole lot of Christmas stuff (because this lady right here L-O-V-E-S Christmas and most of it I got for free), and bunch of other odd stuff and personal items; but that’s a story for another post.

So, I went to the store today to grab some stuff I needed for dinner and go to our local farmer’s market for some fruit and veggies. I have been in this spring cleaning and minimalist mood lately. I want to keep things simple, have less stuff in my house, and try to get it as organized as possible. This isn’t the easiest to do with a guy with PTSD and TBI who can’t stay on task and therefore attempts 4-5 projects at once, which then end up all over the house. A 7 year old with Asperger’s, who could also pass as the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Toons at times. And myself, who hasn’t been the most organized herself in the last couple of months!

Wow, I’m just on a roll today with going off topic; aren’t I? I promise I am getting to the point and it will all make sense in the end.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty and unorganized kitchen. (I cringe just thinking about the fact that I didn’t wipe AND use the polish on my counter-tops, but I still have so much homework for this whole Master’s degree thing I am currently attempting; that I just have to let it go for tonight). I look in my drawers everyday and get extremely frustrated when I can’t find that one type of spoon I need, or the spatula I prefer to use!

Sooooooo, I have been looking at getting some utensil holders or dividers to place in my drawers. And low and behold, my store has some on sale this week for 50% off! I could basically get TWO utensil dividers for the price of ONE! That is awesome in my book! Of course, I grabbed 4 of them to organize my two oversized drawers. Then I saw a pan lid organizer that was also 50% off!!! I grabbed that, too. In the end I had four utensil dividers and one pan lid organizer for the price of $17.95 instead of $35.90!

I was excited! I mean, I am helping our debt by saving money and I am feeding my Organization-OCD that has kicked into overdrive lately! That’s awesome, right? I smiled and daydreamed about patting myself on the back for such a good find.

THEN I saw the Clearance section! I found these really nice looking wire baskets that would work great for my laundry room and for the garage for me to throw small and odd items in. It was on clearance with an extra 40% off the marked price! One of these super cute baskets was $7.95 (Original: $10.97) plus an extra 40% off, which would came out to $4.77 per basket! I grabbed SIX of those, 2 for my laundry room and 4 for the garage! It’s a really good deal!

THEN I saw another Clearance section in the picture and frames area of the store. I was on a roll today, let me tell ya! I found two rectangular picture frames that would fit this 2 page poem we bought from a Vendor back in Texas and have never been able to hang up, because we don’t have nice frames for it. The frames were on clearance for $36.99 with an extra 40% off, making them $22.20 each! They are really nice frames and go really well with the color of the paper. I was ecstatic!

Just to summarize:

  • Four utensil dividers and one pan lid organizer: $17.95
  • Six wire baskets: $28.62
  • Two picture frames: $44.40

TOTAL: $90.97

SAVINGS: $66.61

AWESOME, right?!

I would have been excited, had I actually bought all that! However, that excitement would have lasted for maybe an hour max, then I would have started regretting it! I would have told myself that $90.97 could have been spent on our backyard, or savings, or it could have been put towards one of our bills, or paid for a membership to the Zoo so Elijah and I can go all summer without having to worry about spending money to buy tickets! I justified every piece I placed in that cart today! I justified WANTS disguised as a NEEDS!

I don’t NEED those utensil dividers for my drawer- I’ve done just fine until now.

I don’t NEED those really pretty wire baskets- we have small plastic totes all over the house we can use for storage.

I don’t NEED a pan lid organizer- I just bought a file organizer at one of our local thrift stores for 50cents that I have been using as a pan lid organizer and it has worked perfectly fine this whole time. (Of course, I disinfected it three times over, Mommy; so don’t worry 🙂 )

I don’t NEED those picture frames- we haven’t had that poem hung up since we bought it. It’s not going to grow legs now and decide to leave me, because I put those picture frames back.

And none of these items are true investments, either!

I did not contribute to our debt today!

The point is:

I resisted Instant Gratification today.

I resisted Temptation today.

And I am extremely proud of myself for that!

Have you ever forced yourself put an item back, even though your really wanted it?

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