Resources for Caregivers of Veterans

It has taken me years to navigate and find some of the resources that are available to veterans. I would like to help especially those of you whom are just now starting the process of becoming a CG for your significant other in providing a comprehensive list of resources.

I will be updating it as I find more resources, since I am always looking for new ways to help my Vet and our family. If YOU know of a resource that is not yet on my list, please feel free to send me the info here, so I can add it for the benefit of other caregivers.

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Disclaimer: I do not endorse these organizations, I am simply aiming towards providing a comprehensive list of resources for you to have access to all in one place. Be aware that many of these resources and services also require eligibility. Although I have listed them here it does not mean you or your Vet will qualify for them. For more details, please view my disclosure policy.

Department of Veterans Affairs Resources
  • My Health-e Vet
    • This is probably one of the most IMPORTANT websites the VA offers (besides the e-Benefits site). Here your Vet/you (of course only with your Vet’s permission or on their behalf) can request and see appointments, request prescription refills, add vitals to the self-report section, look at medical records under the Blue Button tab and use the secure messaging to contact providers. We have been able to address some concerns with one of my Vet’s providers by reading the clinical notes from that appointment. I cannot stress how important I believe it is to make sure there is clear communication between you, your Vet and their providers.
  • e-Benefits
    • Here your Vet can apply for Health Care Benefits, Disability Benefits, Education Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits and add supporting documents for anything they are applying for. Your Vet can check the status on these applications.
  • VA Caregiver Support
    • Here you will find information for Caregivers. There is a Caregiver Hotline that CGs of all era-Vets can call and then there is the VA Caregiver Program for Post-9/11 Vets. You can fill out a preliminary question form and see if you qualify, but you can also call the Hotline and they will help you.
  • OEF/OIF/OND Teams
    • Here you will find information about teams who specialize in helping Vets from these combat theaters navigate the VA system and benefits. They provide information on available benefits and programs
  • Vet Centers
    • Here you will find information about mobile and stationary Vet Centers where your Vet can get information about the VA and their services. They also provide different forms of Counseling and Readjustment help. From personal experience, many of the Vet Centers we’ve encountered have had Veterans working there.
  • Homeless Veterans
    • Here you can find information about new legislation and bill proposals regarding Veteran Homelessness. This page also provides info about services available to Homeless Veterans and their families.
  • Veteran Crisis Line
    • Here you can find information about the Veterans Crisis Line and signs of crisis. According to the website, they have trained professionals answering the phone to provide immediate intervention in case of a crisis.
  • VA Poly-Trauma
    • Here you can find information about the VA Poly-Trauma system. These Departments specialize in the complexity of the injuries obtained at war. There are several different factions within this system and depending on your location, your Vet may have access to a variety of these services. There are Rehab Centers, Support Clinics and other points of contacts.
  • National Center for PTSD
    • This page has a TON of information about PTSD! This is where I first started to truly make the connection between the diagnosis and my Vet’s behavior. So I must say that aside the fact that this is a VA sponsored page, I do recommend checking this one out.
  • Extended and Long Term Care
    • Here you can find information about long term care in Community-based Centers and Residential Homes.
  • VA Mental Health Services
    • Here you can find information about Mental Health services the VA provides. There are Self-help resources, services locators and an overview of the different mental health conditions many Vets suffer from.

Caregiver specific

  • Hearts of Valor
    • This is a network for caregivers. Here you can connect with other caregivers, find support groups available in your area, etc. Requires membership to show that you are a eligible caregiver. I think this might be especially beneficial to those of us living in rural areas.
  • Operation Family Caregiver
    • Here you can find information about services specifically for CGs, such as Counseling and information about community based organizations.
Counseling Services
  • Give an Hour
    • This organization provides free Counseling services to Veterans and military personnel of the Post-9/11 era and their families. You can search for providers in your area and get more information about these providers.
  • Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
    • Here you can find information about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Articles range from resources for Veterans, Caregivers and Family, and Providers to research publications pertaining to TBI and service members.
  • Brain Line Military
    • This website is very informative. Here you can find an array of information about TBI and its effects on daily living.
  • Make the Connection
    • Here you can find information about PTSD and other conditions. This page offers stories and experiences shared by veterans, explanations of signs and symptoms of PTSD and other conditions and a host of other information.
Housing and Adaptive Services
  • Fisher House
    • This organization helps by providing families and CGs with housing or hotel stays while Vets undergo inpatient or rehabilitation treatments. They also have programs for scholarships and travel costs.
  • Military Housing and Assistance Fund
    • This is an organization that aims to help veterans and military personnel by providing grants for closing costs. They also have information about VA loans, Real Estate Agents and Builders.
  • Operation Homefront
    • This organization helps Veterans and their families experiencing financial hardship, travel and transportation assistance, moving assistance, auto and home repairs, etc.
  • Building Homes for Heroes
    • This is a non-profit organization that aims towards building homes and modifying homes for Veterans and families.
  • Purple Heart Homes
    • This is an organization founded by Veterans and aims toward providing modified or newly built homes to eligible veterans. They also have Mentor Programs and help those who own their homes modify it if needed.
Additional Resources
  • Soldiers Angels
    • I remember passing by the building that housed (and I believe still houses) this non-profit on my way to school a couple of times a week. It is amazing to see how this organization went from sending care packages, letters and holiday cards to deployed service members to providing so many different services now. Definitely an organization to check out.
  • Team Rubicon
    • This is an organization founded by Veterans. Military Veterans and first Response teams go to areas that are affected by emergencies and utilize their skills to help those communities.
  • Luke’s Wings
    • This non-profit aims toward providing travel expenses, such as plane tickets, to families of wounded warriors that provides them the opportunity to be with their Vet/Service member.
  • USO
    • The USO has some of the most comprehensive programs I have personally encountered as a Dependent and Spouse. It is definitely an organization I recommend you check out.
  • 22Kill
    • This page is dedicated to raising awareness about the suicide rate among Veterans and Military personnel.
  • Family of a Vet
    • I’ve been following this page for quite some time and have found a TON of information on here. Their information about Secondary PTSD is great; which is why I also used it in my post discussing this topic.
Informational Sites
  • Change Direction
    • This is an organization supported by the same Psychologist who started Give an Hour. It’s goal is to make a change in the way Mental Health is perceived in society. I recommend checking this page out, as it has information and resource pamphlets.
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    • This organization has information about Suicide and Suicide Prevention. While it doesn’t focus on military backgrounds, it does offer a lot of information for something that affects this population at a high rate.
  • Veteran Aid
    • This website provides information about a VA program called Aid and Attendance.
  • PsychArmor Institute
    • This website has online educational tools to provide information to CGs, Providers and the general public.
  • Mental Health Recources Via Info Counselling
    • Rachelle wrote up a great list of informational resources for all things Mental Health. It includes phone numbers, worksheets, apps, videos and more.

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