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Much like the resources page for Caregivers of Veterans I will be updating this one as I find more information, since I am always looking for new ways to help our family. If YOU know of a resource that is not yet on my list, please feel free to send me the info here. This way I can add it for the benefit of other caregivers and families.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse these organizations or information, I am simply aiming towards providing a comprehensive list of resources for you to have access to all in one place. For more details, please view my disclosure policy.

Free Materials and Information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
      • This site has a ton of medical based information and statistics. I found this page very helpful when we first found out about Elijah’s diagnosis.
    • Autism Speaks
      • This organization is very involved in research, advocacy and providing information to the public. In the last couple of months, I’ve read about some people’s disagreements with this organization though. Personally, I’ve found some very valuable resources and information on this site.
    • The Autism Society of America
      • This organization provides an array of information regarding Autism. Their About Autism section is organized and easy to read. Their Living with Autism section includes a myriad of information, including Legal Resources that discuss the American Disabilities Act
    • PhD in Special Education: Special Needs Handbook
      • This page provides a lot of information about Special Needs Parenting in general with many links (of which some are also listed here on my list).
    • Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
      • This site has so many resources and information about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    • SpectrumNews
      • This site has a lot of different articles and opinion pieces about Autism Spectrum. You can browse articles by different subcategories, or explore articles via the News or Opinion tabs.

  • Mommies of Miracles
    • I love this site! I also like them on Facebook. This is a network of mothers of children with disabilities and aims towards reducing the isolationism that is often times associated with the role of being a Caregiver.
  • Autism Community
    • I recently found this site and have been really excited to read the resources this organization provides. I particularly like their Resources page.
  • Stop Bullying
    • This is a government initiative. This site provides a lot of information regarding what bullying is, who is at risk, what some signs of bullying are, how to prevent bullying, how to get involved if a child is bullied, and even information regarding civil rights.
  • The Wrightslaw Way
    • A blog post discussing a Special Needs Anti-Bullying Toolkit. At the end of the article there is also a link that provides A LOT more information and reports about bullying.

  • Embracing The Spectrum
    • A wonderful website that addresses the many facets of autism parenting, life and advocacy. I found this site to be very resourceful and uplifting.
  • Autism Daddy
    • I’ve just recently found this Blog. Personally, I love how he uses humor to combat some of the more difficult aspects of Autism parenting.
  • Autism Mom
    • This site has some great resources as well. Autism Mom shares many tools and lessons she has learned over the course of her journey as a mother.
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