Meal Plan

So, this whole sticking-to-the-Meal-Plan-thing has been quite challenging this year. We did get a good deal on Wednesdays’ dinner; which was just such a coincidence. I attended a Caregiver Training last Wednesday where they served Sandwiches for Lunch and happened to have some left after the workshop. One of the amazing ladies that led the training gave me some of the Sandwiches we had left afterwards, which were more than enough for our dinner that night. Therefore, my two men didn’t even have to eat out; which I’m sure my husband probably wasn’t going to do anyway. 🙂

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This is what we’re having this week for dinner:

Monday: Breakfast for dinner (Waffles with Fruit, Sausage and Egg)

Tuesday: Enchiladas

Wednesday: Potato, Sausage and Cheese Casserole

Thursday: Broccoli Cheese Chicken and Rice

Friday: Chicken Parmesan

Saturday: Beans and Cornbread

Sunday: Chicken with Bell Pepper Cream Sauce (I’m taking the easy way out on this one and am using a German sauce mix for this)

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