Meal Plan Week 3, 2017

This week, we are continuing our theme-based meal plan. -Check out my post about it here.

I will start to do something a little different though. As I took a look at some of my previous meal plans I shared with you guys, I noticed something that is inherently important for the integrity of my blog.

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I try to make sure that everyone in our home knows what we will be having for dinner. Now, I have noticed that Elijah can get really anxious if he knows I am cooking something that he doesn’t like. This could be because the dish includes weird-to-him textures, such as gravy or cooked vegetables; or it may just simply be too spicy.

I am going to start to include alternative dinners I am cook for Elijah. For the most part, I try to create meal plans that make it easy for me to create these extra dinners without having to cook an entirely different meal. Elijah’s aversion for certain textures, meats, cooked vegetables and fruits and my husband’s picky eating habits make meal planning extremely difficult!

But that is why we came up with our theme-based meal plan. Everyone got involved and we all know what kind of food to expect.

This is what we’re having for dinner this week:

(The first meal is what I have planned per our theme-based meal plan and the second meal is the alternative for Elijah)

  • French Toast with fruit
    • Elijah loves breakfast, so I shouldn’t have any problems getting him to eat this. As long as he doesn’t see the egg-mixture. =)
  • Quesadilla and corn chips + salsa
  • Ham roll-ups, fresh veggies and corn chips
    • I will use the tortillas to create roll-ups with ham and lettuce.
  • Cajun Pasta and Salad
  • Noodles with Ketchup and Salad (no dressing, of course)
    • I love pasta days, because I am able to just take the cooked noodles, add ketchup on the side and call it a day with Elijah
  • Jambalaya
  • Sausage, crackers and fruit
    • I’ll use part of the smoked sausage from the Jambalaya for Elijah’s dinner
  • Calzone
    • Elijah generally eats Calzone, so I shouldn’t have any major issues. The only changes I will make is: less pizza sauce, less Italian seasoning, less cheese, and no garlic on top of the Calzone
  • Mommy’s free night!
    • We all find whatever to eat: leftovers, cereal, corn dogs, etc.
  • Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings
  • Baked chicken, veggies and fruit
    • Chicken & Dumplings are pretty much a no-go for Elijah. I’ve tried to cook it and then simply ‘clean’ the chicken and dumplings of the gravy. That only worked for a few pieces of chicken and then he accidentally got a hold of a piece with gravy. So, needless to say, he won’t be having chicken & dumplings any time soon. So, baked chicken it is!
What are you having for dinner?

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