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Life has been less than predictable these last two weeks. If you’ve noticed my absence or prolonged pauses between posts, I want to apologize. I promise, I am still working behind the scenes. Currently, I am trying to figure out a much better schedule for myself, my family, this blog and business, the VA, all the different doctors and specialists we are dealing with for my husband and Elijah, and the gazillion-and-one other things that just seemed to have overwhelmed me a bit lately.


Every time I feel like things are about to come crashing down, I try to take a deep breath and find something to do that has absolutely nothing to do with every day life stresses. I understand that this is not the most healthy way to deal with stress. But it is how things have been working out for me these last few years. On the other hand, I am really trying to make some positive changes in my life. Hopefully, these changes with help me become more organized, less stressed and generally more mindful.

So, why not get started with an encouraging quote?

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