Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

Let’s address some of the boring, but very important, stuff!

My disclosure policy!

YAY! Are we all excited, yet? OK, seriously though. Let’s get started.

Who? What? When? Why?
  1. This Blog is written and edited by me. At this time, I am the only person to write, change, and/or update any of the information on this blog. I do my best to monitor comments and have taken steps to filter certain types of comments.
    • While I would like for my blog to be as judgment-free as possible. Meaning that you may speak your mind. And even use a few choice words. Being the wife of a combat veteran, I have a very high tolerance! However, I will NOT allow blatantly racist, sexist (does not include “Sammich-jokes” 🙂 ), or otherwise derogatory language. Whether a comment is too derogatory will be determined by me.
  2. The purpose of The Improv Caregiver is to share information and experiences I have gained over the last couple of years.
    • My aim is to encourage, help, interact with, and reach out to other caregivers, spouses, moms, and whomever chooses to visit my lovely site. And hopefully provide some beneficial information to you.
    • Experiences come from my role as a personal Caregiver and Advocate to my husband and son.
    • I draw some information from my studies in Psychology.
  3. I use my background in Psychology (Bachelor’s of Arts) to help me decode some of the mumbo-jumbo I have faced. Believe it or not, the 4 years I spent studying psychology has actually helped tremendously! : )
    • I am NOT a licensed professional.
    • I do NOT hold any certifications or licenses to practice or provide mental health treatments or advice.
    • All information I provide in any article is solely based on my own interpretation of the research I’ve done on any particular topic and my personal experiences.
    • Experiences come from my role as a personal Caregiver and Advocate to my husband and son.
  4.  If you, or a loved one, are in a crisis or are in need of medical or mental health attention, please use the appropriate channels to get help!
  5. I am in no way a Certified Professional in the areas of Finance, Physical and Mental Health, Care-giving, or any other topics portrayed on my Blog.
    • I do not endorse organizations listed on my Blog. I am simply trying to provide a comprehensive list of resources for you to have access to all in one place.
    • Be aware that many of the resources and services I share may also require eligibility.
Money, Money, Money!!!!

Y’all, I cannot stay serious for too long! As you read through my blog and get to know me a little more; you will see this trend! : )

I started this Blog (in part) in the hope of being able to one to day provide extra income for our very unconventional family. I aim to have the ability to stay as involved in my role as a caregiver and advocate for my husband and son. Yet, also have something to call My Own without having to choose between a career for myself, their well-being or our general family dynamics. Therefore, I have intention on being compensated for the information I provide on my blog.

How will I do this?
  1. At this point, I have incorporated Affiliate links and advertisements into my blog.
    • Affiliate links are, simply put: links I share on my blog of products or services. If you should click on one of these links and choose to buy the product or service, then I will receive a ‘commission‘ from that purchase.
    • This is what will (hopefully one day) help me continue to stay in the caregiver and advocate role.
    • I am currently participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program This means that I receive advertisement fees for linking and advertising products from Amazon.
  2. If I should add any more means of compensation, I will update provide an update.
    • Products or compensations thereof will NOT influence my site content.
  3. I will never jeopardize the integrity and positive reputation of this blog.
    • As much as I would like to be compensated for the work I do, I will not jeopardize my hard work and especially your trust to make quick money.
    • I will only share products or links to general products I would personally entertain.
    • My opinion will always be my honest opinion. Nothing will change that; including money.
  4. I will continuously monitor what kind of advertisements are displayed on my blog.
    • I will NOT allow for advertisements to be posted in the Comments section. Especially not without my explicit approval!
    • If you see ads that may be inappropriate or offensive, please use my Contact Form to shoot me an email. I will look into the matter.

If you, or a loved one, are in a crisis or are in need for medical or mental health attention, please use the appropriate channels to get help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via my Contact Form.

For Privacy Information, please refer to my Privacy Policy.


And now that we’re done with this…have fun exploring my blog!

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Updated: 8/23/2016

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