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Hi y’all. I’m Alisha. I’m not necessarily skilled in promoting myself; HOWEVER, since you’ve made it this far without leaving (which I am totally excited about by the way), I will do my best to impress you.

I feel blessed to be the mother of a wonderful and bright young man by the name Eli who often times believes he’s more like 17 instead of 7, the wife to a strong and loving man and the mommy to two rowdy yet sweet puppies by the names Thurston and Chief. These are the names they were given at the shelter we adopted them from and we couldn’t make ourselves change their names. You will see in time why these names are so fitting for them, so stay tuned. 🙂

My Story:

I am an Army Brat (there is NO denying that!), but over the years I have acquired many different roles:

  • Army Brat
  • Army Wife (although just for a short time)
  • Veteran’s Wife
  • Mother
  • Caregiver and all the above, which is where the name The Improv Caregiver came from (I’ll explain that in just a few)

My husband and I met in Germany, got married in 2007 and a couple of months later we were expecting Eli. My husband was medically discharged from the Army after injuries he obtained over the course of two deployments started to catch up with him. So we moved back stateside with nothing to our name but the little stuff we had in our on post apartment. The next couple of years consisted of ‘fighting’ for the benefits and treatments that were promised to him, finding ways to navigate and find our place [in] the civilian world, navigating the ups and downs of life (plus the added factor of my husband being a no-filter soldier 🙂 ) and the financial roller-coaster that can be associated with being married to a Veteran thrown into the civilian world with nothing more but a “Thanks for your service and here is a small lump sum to make up for all the uncertainties you are about to face.”

In the meantime, I also started to take on the role of Caregiver for my husband AND our son Eli, who has recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (now classified as High-Functioning Autism), which is challenging in its own ways.

And this is where the name The Improv Caregiver comes into play! Have you ever watched/attended/researched/heard of Improvisational acting, comedy or theater? Improv is not scripted and is dependent on the people who partake in it. Well, so is the life of a caregiver, especially the life of a caregiver to a Veteran. This is precisely why I chose this name:

We Caregivers are constantly improvising life, finances, work, school, care-giving and so many other things! Check out some of the reasons why you should proudly consider yourself to be an Improv Caregiver yourself here.

My Goal for this Blog:

I want to help others, plain and simple!

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a young caregiver is finding the necessary resources, tips and support systems needed to make it through this roller-coaster ride called Care-giving. I aim towards providing y’all with as many tips, resources and support as I can, based on my personal experiences. I would like to portray the realities associated with being a Caregiver. It’s not easy, it’s not always pretty and glamorous and the things we do aren’t always understood by other; but I personally would not trade this experience for anything. It has made me stronger, more caring and I feel as though I can be far more understanding of others’ unique situations; instead of casting a blanket and assume to know what others go through without knowing a thing about them. It has has been, and will continue to be, a journey on which I will continue to grow and learn. And I hope that on this journey I get to inspire a few of you to keep fighting the good fight and continue to be strong!

Although my focus is Veterans and Autism I hope that y’all will benefit from this Blog, regardless for whom you are taking on the role of Caregiver!

Aside from addressing the serious, physically/emotionally draining and the sometimes downright maddening nature of being a caregiver, I will also try to share as many positive, uplifting and funny stories as I can; because it’s my Blog and I can if I want to (*singing* to the tune of Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party”). Is the song stuck in your head yet?

Please feel free to email me with any ideas, suggestions, comments, or stories you’d like me to share or address.

Thank y’all for stopping by.


Disclaimer: Everything I share is solely based on my personal experience and is for informational purposes only. For more information, please view my disclosure policy.

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